International Cooperation: Madison Case

Cooperación e Interdependencia

During the week of December 4-7, 2017 under the framework of the 2017 Cordoba Regional Discussion and Debate Cycle, the Foundation CEIC received Michael P. Gay, a Certified Economic Developer of the International Economic Development Council (IEDC) and Senior Vice President of Madison Region Economic Partnership (MadREP), a non profit economic development organization serving the Madison region of Wisconsin, United States.  MadREP is a private sector led organization, that is part of an extensive local, regional, state and international network of organizations concentrating on the implementation of a comprehensive economic development strategy.

In order to exchange experiences an agenda with different institutions was carried out.

On Monday 4 a meeting was held at the CEIC Foundation where data and information from the Madison and Cordoba regions were exchanged. The productive matrix of both regions was compared, including a potential of each industry sector and the type of links between them. The importance of generating data and preparing a long-term plan based on data was also highlighted.

In the afternoon at the 21st Century University (UES 21 is a private university set up to support local business and industry) in Cordoba, Michael Gay and members of the CEIC Foundation gathered with Andres Pallaro, Vice-Rector of Innovation, Research and Postgraduate and Raúl Barroso, Secretary of Postgraduate and Continuing Education of the UES 21, at the School of Business to exchange technology transfer and entrepreneurship experiences of joint management between the Academia, private and public sectors.  Innovation and entrepreneurship were the powerful themes of the discussion.

On Tuesday, the institutional linkage in the ProCórdoba Agency continued along with the General Manager of the institution, Roberto Rossotto. During this meeting, the export potentialities of the province of Córdoba were developed and ideas were drawn up to promote the exportation of regional products.  We talked about the importance of SMEs for our region using the ExporTech ™ program and the composition of the productive matrix of both regions, finding great similarities.

That same afternoon at INCUTEX, a major center for incubation, coworking and acceleration for start ups,, a meeting was held with María Elena Provenzal, Operations Director of Incutex, Juan Santiago, Incutex Co-founder and CEO of Santex Group and Federico Priotti, Business Manager of. The need to move forward and improve projects and global linkages for start-ups was highlighted.

The Closing Conference of the Discussion and Debate Cycle 2017 took place on Wednesday the 6th of December in the morning in the Parliament’s Legislature Hall of Córdoba. Michael P. Gay showed the public the case of the Regional Economic Development Agency of Madison and outlined the path taken to establish an effective development strategy.

On Thursday December 7th, there was a meeting with the Board of Directors of the Cordoba Chamber of Commerce in the morning, where the situation of companies in Córdoba and Madison was discussed, and the role of university careers and futures graduates in innovation and entrpreneurship.  There are 200,000 college and university students studying in Cordoba.

That same day, the CEIC Foundation and Michael Gay were received by ADEC (Economic Development Agency of Córdoba) staff, including Marisa Ramos – Manager of Institutional Relations and Administration, Jorge Pellici – Technical Manager and Sebastian Parra, 1st Vice President. Discussions were held on the formulation of the development strategy and the incidence and participation of each sector within it.  A review was made of the economic strategy implemented by the Madison Region called  “Advance Now” and the possibility of parallelism in Córdoba, with special emphasis on the link between the private sector, universities and the public sector.

We believe that the possibility of establishing an international cooperation with the Region of Madison – similar to the province of Córdoba – is a very important opportunity to think about the development possibilities of the province. We are proud to collaborate in the international linkage with local institutions and promote a concerted and long-term agenda to carry out a regional economic development strategy.